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Build on who you already are

You might know what effective leaders do and what they are like; however, how do you become one yourself? Whether you are preparing for your first role, just started or have been doing it for while, leadership coaching will help you to make the transition from high performer to competent manager. Like anyone else, your culture, family & friends influence the way you perceive the world. Often you are not aware of this and the way you perceive and act in your environment has become habitual. However, becoming aware of this automatic behavior and how it supports but potentially also limits your performance as a leader provides many opportunities for growth. Jointly we will identify and work on these opportunities, not to change you, but to build on who you already are. To be yourself, but with more skill!


How does coaching help?

As coaching takes place in a safe environment you do not have to fear judgement from your peers or seniors. On the contrary, it is a place where you can talk and experiment freely and openly. A range of topics will be explored like the way you interpret the world; your ability to take different perspectives; organisational savviness and emotional intelligence. This leads to increased self-awareness and to make sure your new insights do lead to better performance on the workfloor, focus is on actual practice. Insights are translated into for you relevant actions with which you can experiment in the coaching room, at home and/or at work. This process ensures that your newly gained knowledge do result into new skills and behaviors that make you grow as a leader.

Test yourself

As part of the learning journey you can receive a personal Leadership Development Profile (LDP). This profile will shed light on how you view the world, or in other words- how you construct reality, respond to emerging situations and plan for the future. This will increase insights in what constrains your effectiveness as a leader and how to develop beyond these. This profile is part of the Leadership Development Framework. An article describing this model has been published in the Harvard Business Review, and has been included in their “Top 10 Must Reads on Leadership”. Follow this link for more information: http://harthill.co.uk/the-LDF-profile/

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile”

Vince Lombardi

Outcomes & Benefits from Coaching

examples are:

Clear understanding of your role & responsibilities

Increased self-awareness

Improved personal effectiveness (incl. Performance, Image, Exposure (PIE)

Ability to influence company politics, organisational change, building teams etc.

Develop skills like listening, influence & impact, negotiating, planning & execution

True development through deliberate practice

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