Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder

Which way are you heading?

What will be your next career move?

Traditionally people tend to think that a successful career implies working hard in order to reach the next step on the ladder, and the next one and the next one. However, reality proofs that careers do not develop in such a straight line; circumstances change, you might meet an opposing boss, or your view on what you want changes. Therefore, careers are more like a jungle gym and people move up, sideways or even in the opposite direction. It is more than likely that some of you will have to take some hurdles along the way as well. Seeing your career as a jungle gym is a more realistic and fun perspective than the traditional look on careers. It shows there are many routes to your goal, or even new goals to pursue. Now it is up to you to decide which move you want to make next.


How does coaching help?

During career coaching we will explore all your options. This includes enhancement of your effectiveness in your current situation, a new job in the same field or a new career direction. Also the highly valued integration of your personal and professional life will be discussed. The advantage of taking all these different perspectives is that creating and choosing from multiple options ensures that you choose a next step that better fits with what you really want from your (working) life. After you have determined your next move we jointly define a detailed actionplan, but we will also specfically focus on its implementation to make sure you will reach your destination.

People seek out coaching for many reasons

but some examples are:

Unhappy in current role and/or career

Progression of current career is stagnating

Considering new role, career and/or self-employment

Increase work-life balance

Improve effectiveness in current position

Returning to work, or faced with redundancy or unemployment

Outcomes & Benefits from Coaching

examples are:

Increased self-awareness

Gap-Analysis: knowing where you are & where you want to be

An actionplan to help you to achieve your goal

More confidence and self-esteem

Growth by deliberate practice, feedback & revision

Help with preparing job interviews, resume writing, salary negotiations etc.

Curious about your own jungle gym?

Book a free of charge 1-on-1 session (face to face, skype, facetime, phone) to jointly explore where to take your career next.